Adult Volunteer Literacy Tutor Program Student Registration Form

For which of the following subjects are you requesting a tutor?
Please select all locations for which you may be available:

In the spaces below, write the times you are available for each day. (Be as flexible as possible, the more days and times you are available the quicker you can be placed with a volunteer.)
Day Morning Afternoon Evening Notes
To help us assess your needs, please answer the following questions in ENGLISH
Student Commitment Contract
Before a student is placed with a tutor, an agreement between the literacy program and the student must be made. The student must read and sign this form before a student is matched with a volunteer tutor.
1. The student must take both pre and posttests. Student will be notified when post testing is necessary. Student must come to McHenry County College, Adult Education Office, Room A362, for testing when requested.
2. If a student is unable to attend an appointed meeting time with a volunteer tutor, the student must call the volunteer tutor and inform him or her. Advanced notice of at least 4 hours is required. Two (2) unexcused absences will result in being dropped from the program.
3. If the student must miss their tutoring time for more than two weeks, the student must notify the volunteer tutor in advance.
4. Respect for property and adherence to the rules set by the tutoring site is expected. Each church, public library, or other tutoring site will have specific guidelines that must be followed
5. If the student decides he/she no longer wishes to meet with a volunteer tutor, the student must call the Adult Education Office at (815) 455-8752.
Release of Personal Information