McHenry County College (MCC) enables eligible students still in high school or younger to seek an expanded educational challenge. The student enrolls in MCC college classes for the purpose of earning both college and high school credit, or just college credit. Granting of high school credit is a decision made by the high school or home school official.

Please note:

•  All courses remain on the student's permanent MCC transcript including grades and/or withdrawals.
•  After high school graduation, student follows the MCC new student enrollment procedure as a college student.

Dual Enrollment Registration Form

Program I am enrolling for (select one):
Semester I am enrolling for (select one):
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Ethnic Origin:
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Course Selection:
Course Prefix Number Section
Will you receive high school credit?

I am responsible for providing a copy of my high school transcript or home school academic record. I have read and agree to the acknowledgements below. When I enroll at MCC, the courses and grades will remain on my official college transcript. If I desire high school credit in addition to college credit, I understand it is my responsibility to contact my school directly. By signing this form, I give permission for MCC to disclose information relative to my enrollment and progress at MCC to my parents and high school/middle school officials.

Note: If requested, MCC grades and attendance will be posted in Canvas, MCC's learning management system.
  • This opportunity is available to individuals who demonstrate strong academic ability based on performance either inside or outside of the classroom (e.g. GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities).
  • Course prerequisites must be satisfied as identified in the McHenry County College Catalog.
  • MCC has the ability to adhere to a selection process when the demand for a class is greater than seats available. A priority system will be established to rank students using the following criteria:
    • Senior status
    • Cumulative grade
    • Specific course prerequisites completed
  • At start of class, in addition to the procedures above, the following requirements apply:
    • Students age 14 and 15 must obtain approval via e-mail from the MCC instructor.
    • Students age 13 and below, along with parent/guardian, must meet with the MCC instructor and the Dean for course approval.